The focus of the quality data team is monitoring and reporting of quality and production data, without influencing the running production. Based on this data, production quality can be assured, weaknesses removed and costs saved.


  1. Tracking and tracing of quality and production data
  2. Long term archiving
  3. Weak point and trend analysis
  4. Coupling to existing IT infrastructure

Focal Points

  1. Data mining from existing sources
  2. Reporting
  3. Long term support

Areas of Application

  1. Engine assembly
  2. Car assembly
  3. Car seat production
  4. Biochemical analysis


  1. Database connection to Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  2. Programming in C/C++, VB, PHP, Pascal/Delphi, Assembler and more
  3. For Windows, Linux, Solaris
  4. Data Exchange with SAP
  5. Siemens S5 and S7, Schneider Modicon


Car Body Tracking (PDF, 98KB)
Genom Analysis (PDF, 98KB)