Energy Monitoring for a brewery plant.
Consumption and usage of electricity, water, gas, heat/steam, compressed air etc. are monitored and recorded into a long-term archive. Reports are generated automatically and send via e-mail to the personnel in charge. Alle reports are also available in a web-portal.
Solution with Simatic IT and KAT-developed, web-based extensions.

Key Features: Energy usage monitoring, Reporting, MES, Simatic-IT Historian.

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Poka-Yoke Process Control for complex assembly and zero error tolerance. The variant-dependent parts are signaled to the workers according to the pick-to-light principle. Tools and set-points are also monitored and controlled.

Key Features: Zero error tolerance, poka-yoke, production host computer.

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Workflow control for a hot test rig. Four different production lines and hundreds of variants are checked and the results are archived long-term. Web-based work stations and control.

Key Features: Production logistics, test data archiving, SAP coupling, web-based production control.

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Assembly host computer for twenty manual stations in two lines for a flexible engine assembly with automatic guided vehicles (AGV).

Key features: task schedule management, quality data tracking, transport logistics, SAP coupling, flexible assembly.

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Three interconnected Linux computers control a line for biochemical mass analysis and save up to 150 million samples. As the lab machines did not offer accessible interfaces for their results, the data had to be retrieved by another method.

Key features: Data recording of lab instruments, large database, plausibility check of manual processes, Linux, Oracle, PHP, web interface.

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Production information system for transparency in the
assembly. The web-based car body tracking was implemented using only open-source tools. Up to 30,000 data records per day are saved on a standard computer.

Key features: low-cost, part tracking, run times, Linux, MySQL, PHP, web interface.

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