Lear Corp Bremen – Ensuring Just in Sequence Delivery Chain
Using RFID to track and supervise the sequence of delivery of car seats with trucks between Lear und Mercedes Bremen
Siemens Moby-D, Simatic S7, PHP web portal

DaimlerChrysler Berlin – Highly Poka-Yoke system for complex assembly tasks
Supporting the assembly worker with pick-to-light sensors, tool usage monitoring and part identification. Zero-defect delivery and parts traceability.
C/C++, PHP, Simatic S7, Datamatrix scanner, Datamatrix label printer

InBev Bremen - Collecting and reporting energy data
Monitoring energy and consumption data histories for electricity, water, gas, etc.
Generating and delivering reports automatically
Simatic IT Historian, Report Manager

DaimlerChrysler Berlin - Scanning installation for attached parts
Processing Datamatrix codes, interface to PPC system
C/C++, web-based application in PHP, Siemens Moby-I

DaimlerChrysler Berlin - Host computer for test facility
Management of test adapters, archiving test results, data analysis
Oracle database server, XML interfaces, web-based application

Lear Corp. Bremen - Quality Management Server
Recording, archiving and analyzing quality data of several production lines
Oracle database, web-based application
Links to Atlas Copco Toolsnet and customer-specific diagnostic devices

Eisenmann / Lear Corp. Bremen - Material flow monitoring
Host computers for several lines, links to PPC and PLC, workstation computers,
commission terminals, Oracle database, programmed in C++, VB, PL/SQL

LSW / DaimlerChrysler Berlin - Host computer for engine assembly
Processing of production orders, task schedules and production data
Interfaces to SAP, automatic guided vehicles, customer-specific servers
Links to Soft-PLC, test devices, power screwdriver controls and robots
Programmed in C++, VB, S5, various visualizations

Graphic user interface for CNC controls
Component-based, configurable graphic user interface for CNC controls and special machines
Programmed in C/C++ under OS/2, links to CNC controllers via field bus protocols

DC Bremen - Upgrading of host computer systems
Change from MAP/MMS to TCP/IP, new interfaces for commercial controllers and PLC
Recording of cycle times and fault data, control of the shift plan for the PLC
Programmed in C/C++ under OS/2

DC Bremen - Car body information system
Recording and archiving of the car body flow in body shell work
Programmed in PHP and C++ for MySQL and Linux
Solutions fully implemented with open source software

DC Bremen - Management information system
Analysis of production data for quantities curves and fault data
Programmed in VisualBasic

DC Bremen - Deficiency database
Database system for the maintenance department for managing deficiencies and tasks
Programmed in VisualBasic

VW Emden - Head controllers (BMS-K) for the paint-spray line
Controlling the car bodies according to PPC orders. Interfaces to PPC and PLC
Programmed in C under OS-9

GAG Bremen - Biochemical mass analysis
Recording, archiving and analyzing DNA data
Programmed in C++ and PHP (web-based) under Linux

Visualization modules for machine tool surface
Analysis of power screwdriver data
Programmed in C++

Schierholz Bremen / Nokia Finnland - Factory visualization
Visualization and data base linking with FactoryLink and MS Access

Lear Corp. Bremen - Quality management system according to ISO/TS 16949
Web-based management of the Business Process Descriptions
Programmed in PHP and Oracle PL/SQL

EU joint research project - Optical milk quality sensor
Electronics and software for the optical analysis of milk ingredients
Programmed in C under real-time operating system

BMBF research project - Sensor and control systems for intelligent grinding disks
Recording and processing of sensor data, calculation of corrections for optimal grinding process
Programmed in C++, real-time data recording hardware